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About the force design of double head Pogo pin

Pogo pin force design

Pogo pin force design

About the double head Pogo pin force design

In fact, the higher the force of a Pogo pin, the better the contact.From previous experience: Pogo pin should be as elastic as possible to keep the load of test samples as small as possible.But the spring and double - end spring charging pins should also be introduced high enough to ensure good electrical contact.In addition, needle shape, test environment and other factors need to be considered.Then select the elastic force required by the test probe as required.
1. Size selection of double end spring inflation needle:
The size of the catheter is mainly determined by design strength, current load and shape, but large diameters generally require a significant increase in cost.Moreover, the double-headed spring charging pin has double needles, and the price is naturally much more expensive than the upright spring charging pin.
2. Choice of height of double head spring inflation needle:
The height of the needle is determined by the working height, that is, the height of the working compression and the height of the installation of accessories. Generally, the compression stroke is about 70% of the total stroke.
3. Selection of current load of double spring charging pin:
The requirements of current load are different, so the whole design parameters are modified and adjusted accordingly.
4. Choice of durability of double head spring charging pin:
Persistence, or longevity: Persistence is based on dynamic rather than static testing.The results of static test and dynamic test are very different, can reach tens of times.Durability is related to a number of factors, 10,000 lifetime is generally more cost-effective, if you need to add durability, you need to customize.

Generally speaking, the appearance of the spring needle varies depending on the situation, but overall, the spring charging needle has a precise internal spring structure.The surface of the product is usually gold-plated, as are the springs with technical requirements.

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