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pogo pin introduce

pogo pin introduce

pogo pin introduce

PogoPin is a kind of Plunger, Barrel and Spring three basic parts by automatic riveting press riveting molding, also known as Spring needle, Spring thimble, PogoPin connector.  In the connector industry, Pogo pin is a special connection technology.  POGO PIN is widely used in the connector market. With its applicability, POGO PIN occupies the connector market. Today, we will understand the production parameters of CNOMAX manufacturers

1、Low level circuit contact resistance
Evaluate the contact resistance resistance of the contact system without changing the size of the physical contact surface and the oxide and film on the contact surface. The test maximum current is 100mA and the maximum open circuit voltage is 20mV.

2、Insulation resistance
Test the resistance of insulating material when direct current is supplied to adjacent contact points or between metals closest to the contact points

3、Dielectric withstanding voltage
The voltage that the connector can withstand when the system voltage increases suddenly or because of a switch, resulting in an instantaneous excess potential

4、Normal force
Contact system under normal use, the contact point under pressure perpendicular to the contact surface.

Due to the wear of the contact surface during insertion and removal, the mechanical and electrical properties of the connector will be reduced. In the set environment, the insertion and removal of the connector is a cycle, and the durability of the connector is evaluated by the minimum number of insertion and removal cycles that the connector can withstand
Evaluate the effect of small changes in the contact surface caused by mechanical forces on the electrical characteristics of the contac
7、Mechanical shock
Check the mechanical and electrical integrity of the connector, which may be subjected to vibration when the connector device is applied to electronic equipment during handling, transportation, etc

8、Thermal shock
Detect resistance when connectors are exposed to extremely high and low temperatures, or worst-case shocks during storage, transportation, or use.

9、Temperature Life
Assess the impact on electrical stability when exposed to a high temperature environment where mechanical properties fail due to temperature changes.  High temperature will lead to contact oxidation and reduce terminal forward force, resulting in electrical performance degradation.

10、Thermal cycling with humidity
Assess the electrical stability of the contact system when exposed to an environment that produces high temperature/humidity and renders mechanical properties ineffective.  These effects include moisture to accelerate the oxidation of the contact surface, the oxidation of the tiny particles between the contact surfaces, and the oxidation of the underlying metals.
The appearance varies depending on the application, but overall the Pogo pin has a precision spring structure inside.  The surface of the product is generally gold-plated, and the spring should be gold-plated when the process is required.

The thimble is electrically or electrically connected. Most of the thimble is in contact with the copper wall diagonally below. The spring bears a small amount, so the inner wall of the copper sleeve is smooth.

Electrical properties actively seek the path of least resistance to conduct the current.  If POGOPIN factory makes a non-oblique section, but the bottom is flat, most of the current will be all through the spring, the spring will be very high requirements.
Pogo PIN is a spring-like probe formed by riveting and prepressing three basic parts of needle shaft, spring and needle tube with a precise internal spring structure.  The surface coating of Pogo Pin is generally gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties, electrical properties, etc.  The tip has a sharp needle, grasp needle, round head needle, knife needle and so on.  Pogo Pins are commonly used for precision connections in mobile phones, portable electronics, telecommunications, automotive, medical, aerospace and other electronic products to improve the corrosion resistance, stability, and durability of these connectors.  Because pogo pin is a very fine probe, it can be used in precision connectors to reduce the weight of the connector and the size of the appearance, which can make the connector more fine and beautiful.

Pogopin connectors are also called thimble connectors, spring pin connectors, probe connectors, etc.;  Pogo pin is composed of: needle, needle tube, spring, multi-pin connector will have a plastic base for easy assembly.

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