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What should be paid attention to when using pogo pin?

What should be paid attention to when using pogo pin?

As a very precise hardware electronic connection device, pogo pin must pay attention to the following points in use in order not to affect the function of the product due to its particularity in use:

The first point:  pogopin connector is an important group of components is the spring, and the spring is a certain compression/extension range, so in the selection of POGO PIN products, is to take into account the working stroke and compression of its use environment, in order to ensure the service life and stability of pogo pin,  It is recommended that the compression of Pogo Pin should be 2/3 of the total stroke.  too little pressure, forward force is not enough, will lead to impedance instability;  Too much pressure into the pipe mouth will be injured, resulting in Pin.  In the assembly process, attention should also be paid to avoid bumping the nozzle, resulting in Pin.

Second point: contact direction. when pogo pin is applied, the contact direction directly affects the contact area and contact force of pogo pin, and the contact area and contact force directly affect the contact resistance. therefore, attention must be paid to the contact direction in the initial design and selection.

Third point: the battery contact or FPC gold finger paired with the Pogo pin should not be dirty, oxidized, etc.

A: There can be no residual sealing fluid;  the contact surface of pogo pin pairing should not be dirty, etc.

B: Can't there be any other dirt left?  avoid touching the plastic partition during pogo pin assembly.

Fourth point: pogo pin head and pipe mouth in assembly and use to avoid encountering plastic barriers.  pogo pin assembly use to avoid encountering plastic bars, pogo pin spring needle seems to be a simple part, but if there is not a good quality control and perfect manufacturing process level, it is very prone to power failure and card PIN, or durability (life) is too short.  Its process is extremely delicate and complex, from lathe processing, electroplating, assembly, each process may bring serious hidden dangers.

First: such as lathe processing, should use The Japanese centering automatic lathe processing, but most of the factories are using the knife machine processing, the accuracy can not be guaranteed.

secondly, the surface finish of lathe processing, especially the inner surface finish of needle is very key.  most factories do not have surface roughness testing equipment and do not regulate this important parameter at all.

In terms of electroplating process, the thickness of coating has a huge impact on the cost. gold plating is 16U ", but most other brands are in 1 ~ 2U ", with a big gap.  secondly, the quality of gold plating in the hole has a great influence on the electrical (impedance) and mechanical properties of pin.


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