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Gold- plating process of pogo pin

Gold- plating process of pogo pin

Pogo PIN material mainly uses copper material, and requires surface treatment to make it corrosion resistance, friction resistance and other properties.  Typical surface treatments are nickel plated with gold and copper plated with tin.  The following is a simple analysis of the surface treatment process of connectors, such as electroplating process, equipment, products to be plated and electroplating.  Pogo PIN electroplating process is the same as the general electroplating process, but the operation time of each process is obviously shorter than the general electroplating process.  Therefore, the treatment solution and plating solution must be adjusted accordingly to meet the requirements of short working time.  Following the CNOMAX manufacturers together to understand the gold-plating process of POGO PIN.

First, degreasing: Different from the general electroplating process, the degreasing time of Pogo Pin is 2~5 seconds, so multi-stage electrolytic degreasing under high current density should be used.

Second, pickling: due to the size requirements of the gold-plated, POGO Pin is usually chemically or electrochemically grinded, rather than using metal self-dissolution.

Third, nickel plating: PoGO PIN usually uses sulfamate plating solution.  The purpose of nickel plating is to provide a bottom coating for gold plating and tin plating to improve corrosion resistance, and prevent the substrate (mostly copper alloy) and the gold layer, or with the lead layer of mutual diffusion resulting in the performance of the electroplating decreases.


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