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Pogo pin connector needle construction

Pogo pin connector needle construction

1, Bevel ball: in order to make the contact more stable, in the needle to add a card insulating beads, so as to reduce the current through the spring, spring needle steel ball stable contact, so the electrical performance will be better.

2. Bevel structure: In order to ensure 100% contact between the needle and the needle tube when working, we cut the end of the needle and the spring into an bevel.  This design concept can ensure low and stable contact impedance, can guarantee the stable conduction of the product.

3, Reverse drilling: this design is a good choice for small size connectors.  It can meet the elastic requirements of customers.  The length of the supporting spring in this design can exceed the length of the needle. In the case of limited space, the design of reverse drilling can obtain stable elasticity and stroke.

4, Double contact: this structure is a good choice for the connector with high concentricity requirements, because this design spring can be directly set on the cone tail needle of the needle shaft, so that the needle shaft vertical force, so that the skewness of the needle shaft will be relatively small.

Pogo pin connector needle structure is more complex, common are: stick plate, insert plate, bending type, double head type, welding line type, thread type

The design of pogo pin needle will be carried out in accordance with the structural space of the customer, the functional requirements of the product and the guarantee of life.  Can provide common and opposite sex design for choice.

Processing technology: precision computer machining, can well ensure the dimensional accuracy, accuracy can reach 0.01mm, product life can reach 10,000-1,000,000 times.  Spring material: stainless steel SUS304, piano steel wire.

From the above three structures can be combined into a complete pogo pin product, plus plastic bottom can be combined into a variety of specifications of Pogo pin.

The main parameters of Pogo pin are as follows:

Contact resistance: dynamic contact resistance is less than 30m ω;

Insulation resistance: more than 500 MEgohms;

Elasticity: customized according to customer requirements, range of 50~ 500g;

Dimensional accuracy: length direction can be achieved.  Diameter direction can be achieved;

Service life: 10,000-1,000,000 times

Welding mode: suitable for surface patch welding, wave soldering, hand welding.


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