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Pogo pin connector advantages and disadvantages

Pogo pin connector

Pogo pin connector advantages and disadvantages

Pogo pin connector is also called probe connector, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low cost.In mobile phones, communications, automotive, medical, aerospace and other electronic products in the precision connector is widely used, plays the role of connection.
First, the advantages of the Pogopin connector:
1. The greater the compression, the spring pressure will not change very much.
2. Small size, not only saves space, but also more accurate and stable contact operation.
3. Long service life.
4. Stylish appearance, thick material, very suitable for high-end electronic products.
5. Fast production speed and low cost, no need to open the mold.
Secondly, the disadvantages of pogopin connector:
1. The accuracy of pogopin connectors is very high, and the failure rate of production is very high.
2. The contact point of the Pogopin connector will not move when compressed. When there are other foreign objects or dirt in the contact area, the connection failure may occur.
Then, when using the Pogopin connector should note:
1. Prevent pressure from the side and on other non-vertical Pogopin connectors.
2. Battery contacts or the matching FPC goldfinger should not be dirty or oxidized.
3. If the pressure is too small and the positive force is insufficient, it will cause impedance instability;But too much pressure will hit the nozzle, resulting in the phenomenon of pin.
4. In the assembly process, attention should be paid to prevent pipe mouth injury, resulting in clamp pin.
5. Plastic barrier to prevent contact assembly and use of head and nozzle.

Compared to the advantages, the disadvantages of the Pogopin connector are very small and can be solved by paying attention to the manufacturing process.

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