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About causes of Pogo pin burnout

Pogo pin burnout

About causes of Pogo pin burnout:

Too much current: A Pogo pin is a slender metal pin with a small surface area that can generate high heat even through a tiny current. If the current flowing is too large, especially for a short period of time, the Pogo pin may overheat, leading to burnout.
Poor contact: There may be poor contact between the Pogo pin and the circuit board or other components. If the connection is poor, the current will generate heat when it passes through, leading to burnout.
Oxidation: There may be oxides on the surface of the Pogo pin, which increase its resistance and cause overheating. If there are oxides on the surface of the Pogo pin, even under a small current, it may cause burnout.
Excessive load: If the load carried by the Pogo pin is too large, such as the failure of the connected light bulb or other equipment, resulting in excessive current, it may also cause the Pogo pin to burn out.
To prevent Pogo pins from burning out, you can take the following measures:

Current detection: The current detection instrument is used to detect the current of the Pogo pin to ensure that its current is within the specified range.
Connection check: Periodically check the connection between the Pogo pin and the circuit board or other components to ensure good contact.
Cleaning treatment: Clean the Pogo pin surface regularly to remove oxides and other contaminants.
Load control: Periodically check the load carried by the Pogo pin to ensure that it meets the specified requirements.
Thermal protection: Install a thermal protection device on the Pogo pin. When the Pogo pin overheats, the thermal protection device automatically cuts off the power supply to prevent burning out.
In short, to avoid the Pogo pin burning out, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of its current, connection, load, etc., to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.

Cnomax Pogo Pins have the following advantages:
High reliability: Cnomax Pogo Pins use high-quality materials and advanced production processes to ensure high reliability and long life. Whether at room temperature or high temperature, Pogo pin can maintain stable performance.

Good electrical conductivity: Cnomax Pogo Pins are made of high-quality copper alloys with good electrical conductivity. This allows current to flow smoothly through the Pogo pin, reducing resistance and heat, and improving energy efficiency.

High flexibility: The Cnomax Pogo pin is small and lightweight, making it easy to adapt to a wide range of applications. At the same time, its flexible needle body can adapt to various angles and bending degrees, convenient insertion and installation.

High corrosion resistance: Cnomax Pogo pin surfaces are specially treated to provide excellent corrosion resistance. Even in humid, corrosive environments, Pogo pins do not rust or oxidize, maintaining long-term durability.

Standardized design: Cnomax Pogo Pins have a standardized design that allows them to be easily interchangeable with other components. This makes it easier to repair and replace Pogo pins, saving time and money.

Security: Cnomax Pogo Pins are designed with user safety in mind. For example, some models of Pogo pin have a pinless cap design, which avoids the risk of the user being scratched by the pin cap during insertion and removal.

In summary, Cnomax Pogo Pins have the advantages of high reliability, good electrical conductivity, high flexibility, high corrosion resistance, standardized design, and safety, which makes them widely used and highly praised in many fields.
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