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What is the main production process of Pogo Pin?

Pogo pin production process

What is the main production process of Pogo Pin?

As a kind of precision parts used in electronic products, Pogo pin is more and more widely used in the current application, because with the continuous development and progress of The Times, people's demand for electronic products is also in a process of increasing, so many people will focus on Pogo PIN.So what is the main production process of Pogo pin?Next Pogo PIN manufacturer -- Cnomax Pogo pin Factory will lead you to take a look.
First, it is the processing of Pogo PIN. In the process of processing, the most advanced machine tools are generally used to operate it.Although the Pogo PIN in the specification looks relatively small, but its role is very large, so its processing requirements are also very high, in the whole process of processing, we must understand in accordance with the relevant quality standards to operate.
Secondly, it is the plating process, you know, this is a very important part of the Pogo pin production process, in the plating process, we must ensure that the internal plating of the Pogo pin is in a good state, and there is no black phenomenon.Because if there is a problem with color or plating, it means that the whole plating is unqualified.
Thirdly, after the general processing and other operations, sampling testing of Pogo pins should be carried out, because only after testing can we better prove whether the production of Pogo pins is qualified.In the process of detection, the main is to see whether its appearance is normal and the elasticity of the spring and so on.Finally, of course, the batch shipment of Pogo pins will be carried out. Before the shipment, a batch of qualified products will be selected for testing, and the goods will be delivered only after there is no problem in the testing.

The main production process of Pogo pin is roughly the points described above. Only when these processes are done well can we really have Pogo PIN products of qualified quality, and only such products can be used by us in the future.

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