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Plating material for Pogo PIN connector

Pogo pin connector plating

Plating material for Pogo PIN connector

Pogo pin connector after precision CNC machine tool processing, will give its surface for a layer of electroplating, coating can enhance the Pogo PIN electrical conductivity, wear resistance, welding strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion prevention and other role.The following is to share the characteristics of Pogo PIN connector using different electroplating materials and the properties of electroplating materials.
1. Tin: tin plating can be divided into three ways: pre-tin plating, pre-coating and electroplating.Tin is a soft material, with protection, corrosion resistance, relatively cheap price, welding difficulty is low;Coating thickness in 2-12μ;Its color appears silvery white;Brass or bronze tinned to 110 degrees and steel to 190 degrees.
2, gold: at present, the best coating method of electric contact is electric gold plating, because the electric gold plating material is relatively soft, has strong corrosion resistance, and will not dissolve in pure acid, good conductive performance, the price will be expensive, all selective gold plating process is more reasonable.Gold plating is usually plated with nickel first, so as to achieve a better anti-corrosion effect.
3, palladium: the precious metal palladium application in electroplating can replace gold in some limited range, AMP only applies palladium in the metal welding layer, but the conductivity of palladium is worse than gold.
4, nickel: nickel is a more precious silver white metal, although the conductivity is poor, but the material is hard, smooth surface, is often applied in the gold-plated bottom coating, and poor weldability, most of the steel contact is applied nickel plating, copper nickel plating can withstand temperature up to 340 degrees, brass and bronze can reach 250 degrees.
5, silver: silver is a kind of luster white precious metal, which is characterized by soft, good electrical conductivity, but easy to inert oxidation, so it is easy to lose luster, brass or bronze tin can withstand temperature up to 110 degrees, copper can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees.

6, copper: copper is often used in the base coating;Tinned contacts improved solderability;In order to have better adhesion, steel will choose more copper plating.

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