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Advantages of DIP and SMD Type Pogo pin connectors

What are the advantages of DIP Type and SMD Type pogo pin connector ? Common battery connectors have two forms: thimble type and shrapnel type connector.Mobile phone battery connector is widely used for the thimble type, compared with the shrapnel type battery connector, has the following advantages.

DIP and SMD pogo pin
Compared with shrapnel connectors of the same size, thimble type battery connectors have large compression and stable contact. Thimble type battery connectors work more effectively than shrapnel type to ensure the stability of contact.
The thimble type connector takes up less space on the PCB board when compared to the thimble type and the shrapnel type with the same compression.When the working position is 4mm and the compression is 1mm, the thimble connector takes up less space on the PCB board.It can achieve thin miniaturization of the body.
When compressed, the contact point position of the thimble connector is unchanged, which can maintain a stable connection point and obtain stable electrical performance.Thimble type 20,000 times, shrapnel type 5,000 times, thimble type battery connector durability is stronger than shrapnel type, plastic colloid shape and the combination of thimble can be set freely, so the design of freedom is more prominent.
Through the above comparative analysis, the thimble connector than shrapnel type has many advantages: can make full use of PCB board space;Thimble type connectors ensure high initial contact pressure, stable contact pressure compared to previous shrapnel connectors;Thimble connectors have higher working life than shrapnel connectors;Design of high degree of freedom.In the design of new models in the future, it is recommended to use thimble type battery connector.

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