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How to do antioxidant for Pogo PIN connector ?

Pogo pin

How to do antioxidant for Pogo PIN connector ?

Most of the current in the POGO PIN connector is passed through the male and female connectors, and the Pogo Pin connector is compressed to conduct electricity.In the process of use of the product spring elasticity, impedance, and compression plays a major role, such as the process is not mature, or the internal structure of the spring friction strength, impedance, so that the spring can not be normal compression, resulting in the end can not achieve the function of the product.
Pogo PIN connector surface electroplating can directly affect the quality, reliability and appearance of a product.
For example, reliability: The Pogo PIN connector is plated with nickel and gold inside on the surface and inner wall of the pin shaft, spring and needle.Then the POGO PIN connector will have better reliability during use, such as, current, elastic force, impedance, life, oxidation resistance.
Such as beautiful: Pogo PIN connector in the product appearance surface gold!Assemble to the whole set of watches, wristbands, glasses, medical products, and so on!Due to the small size, tuhao gold color, to bring customers high-end atmosphere grade, low-key luxury and connotation of the visual impact of products.
For example, quality: Pogo PIN connector in the parts of the needle shaft, spring, needle tube surface and inner wall of the bottom nickel plating, surface gold treatment!Then Pogo PIN connector can make the product safer in use, there will be no long-term use of heat, deformation, combustion, fire and other safety accidents, not because of a small Pogo PIN connector and can not achieve the function, affect the whole product can not be used.

Cnomax POGO PIN Factory in order to ensure the quality of pogo pin connector stability, after more than 5 years of continuous efforts to try and a large number of test data analysis, developed automatic assembly, detection of integrated machine tool, automatic assembly, detection, eliminate the measurement error of human factors,Ensure the quality stability of POGO PIN connector.

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