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What are the insulation materials for Pogo pin connectors?

Pogo pin connector

What are the insulation materials for Pogo pin connectors?

1, acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene copolymer (ABS), the plastic used as a substitute for nylon shell, has good mechanical properties, is a kind of heat resistance, chemical resistance, easy to process materials, and the price is cheaper than nylon, creep resistance, heat resistance of 60 degrees.
2, polyurethane (PUR), Pogo PIN connector manufacturers feel that this material is easy to bend and fatigue resistance, has excellent tear strength and good chemical resistance and solubility resistance, suitable for use in super small connectors and DIP rotary switches, heat resistance of 85 degrees.
3, polypropylene (PP), this material has the characteristics of light weight, affordable, good wear, suitable for application in small and super small coaxial connectors, heat resistance of 90 degrees.
4, polyphenylene ether (PPO), the material has excellent engineering properties and good mechanical and electrical properties, creep resistance, heat resistance of 105 degrees.But the disadvantage is poor solvent resistance.
5, polyalum (PSO), is applied in the socket socket shell material, has good electrical performance and chemical resistance, high temperature resistance plastic, good engineering performance, and affordable, heat resistance of 150 degrees.
6. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC),AMP uses this material as cable, sheath and heat shrink tube.It has good physical properties, durability, less moisture absorption, extrusion molding characteristics, but not suitable for application in the shell, heat resistance of 60 degrees.
7, PTFE, the material has excellent temperature resistance, chemical resistance and good solubility resistance, durability, excellent insulation, not moisture absorption, the price is more expensive, radiation resistance, heat resistance of 250 degrees.

8. Polyethylene (PE) has excellent chemical resistance, strong insulation and relatively cheap price. AMP is often used as a low-density material with a heat resistance of 80 degrees.

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