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How to maintain the Pogo pin?

Pogo pin connector

How to maintain the Pogo pin?

1. During use: The battery contact pad or FPC goldfinger matched with the pogo pin connector should be free from dirt, oxidation, residual sealing fluid, or other dirty residue, and the surface should be kept clean and tidy.
2. When the pogo pin is moving: When moving or moving, do not contact the connector with hard objects to avoid scratching the connector.When stacking products, do not put them under heavy objects to avoid crushing connectors.
3. Pogo pin in storage process:In the usual storage process, must assure indoor appropriate temperature and humidity, high temperature or humidity is too high will have certain influence to its, and don't store pogopin spring plunger with some chemical products, which may have certain corrosion, to its lose its outer layer protection, a certain amount of damage, using influence function.
4. Cleaning process: ultrasonic + alcohol
(1) Put the socket into the ultrasonic cleaner
(2) Pour the alcohol into the ultrasonic cleaner, the alcohol will be immersed in the socket, open the ultrasonic cleaning

(3) Blow dry the socket thoroughly with a blower

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