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Pogo pin electroplating effect for on 5G radio frequency class

  Pogo Pin is a connector used in electronic products as well as a new way of charging or connecting products.Users who have been exposed to 5G radio-frequency Pogo Pins will find that the Pogo Pins on the connectors will have a layer of electrical coating.Usually the material and thickness of the POGO PIN electroplating is determined according to the needs of the customer and the use of the POGO PIN connector.The following to explain to you the use of POGO PIN connector surface application of electric coating.

Pogo pin

1, have anticorrosive function, the pogo pin connector surface plating can effectively avoid the pogo pin by sulfide and oxide in the work, resulting in corrosion, in addition to not only have very good protection effect of connectors, but also improve the wear resistance and durability of the product, extend the service life of the rf kind of pogo pin, 5 g.
2. Improve the mechanical properties of connectors. The electric coating of POGO PIN enhances the wear resistance, combining ability and expandibility, so the electric coating on the surface of 5G RF POGO PIN promotes the mechanical properties of products to maintain a more stable state.
3, improve the performance of the connector, the connector coating can be determined according to the nature of the material and the POGO PIN use process, and then meet the needs of the work, to ensure that 5G radio frequency class POGO PIN can be used normally, and improve the performance of the connector.
To sum up, 5G radio frequency class POGO PIN is a very important component in the electronic industry. The reason why the POGP PIN connector is plated on the surface of a layer of gold plating, is to be able to better improve the conductivity of POGO PIN, while maintaining the stability and durability of POGO PIN connector.

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