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Pogo pin design structure principle

  Pogo Pin spring thimble is a common connector in our life. We may not have noticed that it is delicate and small, but it plays a very important role, such as mobile phones, watches, drones, Bluetooth headsets, e-cigarettes and so on.These require the use of a spring thimble, which is used to connect, charge and transmit signals in the device.Below, Xiaobian today want to share for you is: POGO PIN spring thimble needle design structure principle and common six kinds of spring thimble structure characteristics.

Pogo pin design

The structure principle is as follows:
  1) needle inclined plane structure: POGO PIN spring thimble this design concept can ensure a low and stable contact impedance, can ensure the stability of the product conduction.
  2) needle punching structure: POGO PIN spring thimble this design supporting the length of the spring can exceed the length of the needle tube, in the case of limited space, do anti-drilling design, you can obtain stable elasticity and travel.
  3) the needle flat bottom structure: this design because POGO PIN spring thimble needle and spring thimble needle structure in some conditions will not be able to contact, will lead to the current can not go needle tube, tube wall and will go along the spring, will lead to excessive resistance, so that the voltage dropped significantly, resulting in electronic products current instability phenomenon.
Customized spring thimble connector operation technology:
  1, spring thimble connector working stroke selection:
The choice of spring thimble connector must be based on the space of the product used, choose in the range of working stroke.
  2, spring thimble connector compression choice:
Too small space will overcompress the spring of the spring thimble connector, affecting the service life, too large space, may cause contact is not in place, there is impedance instability, instantaneous break image.
  3, spring thimble l connector electroplating material selection:
Electroplating materials in the spring thimble connector has increased conductivity, prevent oxidation, wear resistance and other roles, different materials, its role is not the same, like gold has good electrical conductivity, for large current connectors, high impedance requirements of the product will generally choose electroplating gold.
  4, the influence of electroplating thickness of spring thimble connector:
The spring thimble connector will have some friction when it is working because it must be contacted for a long time. The thickness of the electroplating film will have a great impact on the service life of the product.
  5, spring thimble connector life impact:
When used to a certain limit when the coating is worn off, there may be too large resistance, impedance instability and so on.The electroplating of 100,000 times spring thimble is definitely thicker than that of 10,000 times, so please be sure to select the electroplating requirements according to the requirements when selecting the product.
  6, the influence of spring thimble connector elasticity:
The contact force of the spring thimble connector comes from the internal spring. The spring elastic force can directly affect the impedance of the spring thimble and its stability.If the elastic force is too large, the friction coefficient will be increased and the service life of the spring thimble will be affected.

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