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Precautions for using a Pogo Pin on a Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset pogo pin
1. Application of small size. Wearable devices pursue small size, which is well reflected in the Bluetooth headset, which uses the smallest size to achieve powerful functions, which is a great test of engineers' design ability.Therefore, the Pogopin charging thimble contact used in Bluetooth headset has two requirements: one is very small volume, and the other is able to withstand relatively large current.
2. Anti-oxidation and corrosion. For those who like to listen to music while exercising, human sweat is corrosive, so the charging contact of Bluetooth headset is required to have anti-oxidation and corrosion function, so as to ensure that the charging contact of Pogopin will not be corroded by human sweat and the use function of Bluetooth headset will not be affected.
3. Waterproof, Bluetooth headset is easy to fall off due to its small size.Therefore, the Bluetooth headset needs to have waterproof function, and the charging contact is the only point connected with the outside world. Therefore, waterproof treatment is required in the process, at least to meet the IP67 standard.

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