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​Pogo Pin connector considerations

                                  Pogo Pin connector considerations  

Pogo Pin connector considerations  

Electrical continuity of contact pairs of POGO PIN  connectors during vibration, shock, and collision under specified frequency and acceleration conditions.  In this dynamic stress condition, the contact pair will have instantaneous disconnect phenomenon.  The specified transient time is generally 1μs, 10μs, 100μs, 1ms and 10ms.  Attention should be paid to how to determine the transient failure of the contact pair.  It is now generally accepted that a closed contact pair can be judged to have failed when the voltage drop at both ends exceeds 50% of the electromotive force of the power supply.  That is to say, there are two conditions to determine whether transient interruption occurs: duration and voltage drop, both are indispensable.  

 In order to achieve a stable elastic process, it is recommended to design the PogoPin connector with the spring length exceeding the length of the needle, so that it can be used for reverse drilling under space constraints.  The above is the west noma Technology of Pogo Pin electrical connector design principles and considerations of the explanation of the explanation!  I hope you enjoy it!  


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