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How to detect the bad contact of the connector pin jack?

How to detect the bad contact of the connector pin jack?

How to detect the bad contact of the connector pin jack

Connector is generally the connection between the POGO PIN connector and the pin jack contact. As we know, the pins or terminals of components generally have a layer of coating, such as lead-tin alloy, pure tin, nickel, silver, silver palladium alloy, gold plated, etc.  So the contact between the components is actually the contact between these coated metals.  Of course, different coating metal conductivity is different, the corresponding contact resistance is also different.  Generally, gold has a better conductivity, followed by silver.  In the welding process, because welding is actually the process of forming alloy, the alloy itself is a good conductor, so the reliability of welding itself is relatively high, except for poor welding.  However, the connection between connectors relies on the contact between surfaces, so it is easy to cause poor contact.  So, for the connector pin jack contact is not good, we usually through what method to detect?  Next, CNOMAX Technology will introduce:  

1. Transient detection  
Some connectors are used in dynamic vibration environments.  It is proved by experiment that only checking whether static contact resistance is qualified can not guarantee the reliability of contact in dynamic environment.  Because, often contact resistance qualified connector vibration, impact and other simulated environmental test is still instantaneous power failure phenomenon, so some high reliability requirements of the connector, it is best to 100% of its dynamic vibration test to assess the contact reliability.  
2, single hole separation force detection  
Single-hole separation force refers to the separation force that the contact in the inserted state changes from static to motion, which is used to indicate that the pin and the jack are in contact.  The experimental results show that if the single-hole separation force is too small, the signal may be transient broken when subjected to vibration and impact load.  It is more effective to check contact reliability by measuring single hole separation force than by measuring contact resistance.  Inspection found that the single-hole separation force is out of tolerance of the jack, the contact resistance measurement is often still qualified.  Therefore, in addition to the development of a new generation of flexible plug-in contact stable and reliable contact parts, the manufacturer should not be used for key models of automatic insertion force testing machine multi-point simultaneous measurement, should be 100% point-by-point single-hole separation force inspection of finished products, to prevent the signal transient interruption caused by the loosening of individual jacks.  
3. Conduction detection  
At present, general high-current connector manufacturers do not have this item in product acceptance test, and users generally need to conduct conduction test after installation.  Therefore, it is suggested that manufacturers should increase the point-to-point conduction detection by 100% for some key types of products.  


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