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Thread Pogo pin

Thread Pogo pin

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  • Product description: We can customized all kinds of Thread Pogo pin for you

thread Pogo pin

Catalogs  >>>: DIP Type | SMT&SMD Type  | Soldering Type | Female Type | Bend Type | Screw Type | Double head type| Magnetic Connector |USB Magnetic Cable|

If we don't have the size what you need, please provide your design drawing to us, we can customize it for you
also if you need more details Pogo pin data sheet. you can send me E-mail : [email protected]
Or you can download our all kinds of Pogo pin catalog for REF.thank you

Below is Cnomax pogo pin Connector Catalogue :














Thread Pogo pin catalogueThread Pogo pin catalogueThread Pogo pin catalogue

If you need more details data sheet ,Please contact us : [email protected]

Catalogs  >>>:  DIP Type  |  SMT&SMD Type  |  Soldering Type  |  Female Type  |  Bend Type  |  Screw Type | Double head type|  Magnetic Connector  |USB Magnetic Cable|