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Why the pogo PIN connector is damaged ?

Pogo pin connector

Why the pogo PIN connector is damaged ?

1, clip and clue contact current-carrying surface is insufficient, resulting in Pogo PIN connector burn.

2. The cable clip nut was not found loose in time, and the problem could not be solved, leading to the drop of the Pogo PIN connector.
3. No or too little temperature offset is reserved for the POGO PIN connector after installation.
4, the electrical connection line or line clamping current is insufficient, resulting in the POGO PIN connector is burned or broken
5. The electric connection line is more serious, which causes the broken strand or the broken wire to be burned.
6. The electrical connection line is corroded, resulting in the insufficient flow surface of the section to be burnt or burnt.
7. Poor contact between the electric connection line and the wire clip or the power supply line clip and the contact line, resulting in burning.
8. The power supply cable clip on the contact line is installed askew and knocked down by the pantograph.
9, the other positions of the catenary appear bow, by pantograph continuous operation to the position of the connector installation, the electrical connector is damaged.
10, after the installation of pogo PIN connector, the reserved temperature change offset value becomes large, the vertical electrical connection between the cable and the contact line is loose, loose to the contact line, in the process of operation by pantograph damaged or cut off.

11. The spacing between the bottom ring of the vertical part and the contact line is too small, which will be damaged or damaged by the pantograph.

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