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The development prospect of the pogo pin connector industry

The development prospect of the pogo pin connector industry

Pogo pin connector

  Thousands of standard and customized Pogo pin connector for application requirements are used in every conceivable electrical and electronic device. Although not as ubiquitous as resistors and capacitors, billions of connectors are used each year to connect circuits, packages, brackets, cables and systems.
  The primary function of connectors is to provide detachable electromechanical connections: package to board, board to board, subsystem to system, device I/O, cable assemblies, Pogo pin connectors can be used to update or maintain products, connect systems and peripherals such as local area networks, and serve as interfaces for communications, buildings, cities, etc.Pogo pin Connector terminals include copper alloy materials: brass, bronze, beryllium copper, and optical fiber materials: for signal, power supply, testing, burn-in, production equipment, networking.
  Within the device, connectors and sockets do not cooperate frequently, and are mainly used to connect subsystems during device assembly.This application characteristic (infrequent plugging - the interface is prone to corrosion) and the requirement of high fit and long-term reliable connection is a challenge to the design of internal connectors of the equipment.
  However, IO connectors, which require both high plug life and convenience, are another challenging aspect of connector design.
Applications that have unique electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance requirements for many connectors include a wide variety of advanced high-end computers, communications equipment, special vehicles, washing machines, HIGH-DEFINITION televisions, digital cameras, cell phones, traffic lights, vending machines, and IPods.Their connectors and wiring plugs include backplane connectors from simple wire terminals to the tip and value-added connection components.
  For a large number of connectors with a common standard, such as USB, RJ45, the standard plays an increasingly important role, affecting more and more widely, expanding the market and application fields of these standard connectors.Their availability, penetration of application areas, and cost advantages further solidify their status as standards.

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