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About 2pin Magnetic Connector data sheet

2pin Right Angle Magnetic Connector

With the wide application of pogo pin Connector, Magnetic Connector is also used by more and more equipment manufacturers. Today I recommend a 2pin Magnetic Connector suitable for small equipment, such as: AR glasses, smart watches, electronic cigarettes, etc., this kind of relatively fine and compact products, due to the limitations of their size, relatively compact structure, so when choosing connectors will try to miniaturize.

Magnetic Connector is divided into DIP common type and 2pin Right Angle Magnetic Connector. It is suggested that engineers choose different Magnetic Connector according to their internal structure of the product

Today I recommend A 2pin Magnetic Connector, designed for small electronic products, the overall length and width of the small size, support current 1.5A charging, magnetic absorption structure positioning, single border stay to suction, anti-vibration, continuous connection, waterproof IPX6 design, waterproof dustproof, corrosion resistance, Therefore, it is also very good for outdoor equipment of some sports types. The structural design of tilted unbalanced surface contact can ensure the continuous connection under the state of motion.

Why is pogo pin Magnetic Connector being used more and more widely?

Especially for household consumer electronics, charging connectors have been replaced by Magnetic Connector. In addition to the advantages shared above, the damage rate of the charging type 2pin Magnetic Connector is very low in use. The conventional plug-in Connector uses the compression type shrapnel connection, and the contact performance of the pogopin Magnetic Connector is not at the same grade; And because of repeated plugging, the interface is easy to damage and lead to product failure. The pogopin Magnetic Connector uses the elastic needle type point contact, which can be inserted and removed up to 1 million times.

2pin Magnetic Connector

At the same time, if you change to magnetic suction data cable can also be directly used, USB magnetic cable refers to the magnetic male and female suction to achieve the charging effect of charging cable. pogopin USB magnetic cable is also known as magnetic charging cable, magnet charging cable, magnetic charging cable, magnetic charging cable, magnetic data cable, etc. Magnetic suction data line is mainly composed of magnetic suction and wire assembly.

The design principle is summarized as the product realization function, mainly the qualitative decision of pogopin structure and the actual fitting tightness of the product parts assembly process. Some small parts need to be very precise for the process requirements, and the assembly tightness needs to be excellent. Otherwise, it will lead to unstable product performance, or PIN, burning spring and other phenomena, thus affecting the stability of the entire product.


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